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QA's, Auditors, Food Safety Specialists & Product Developers

Allow us to provide premium, cost-effective training on current food safety best practices (PCQI, BRC) & ingredient technology. We also offer customized training for specific products, allergens & claims. 

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For in-house training, inquiries & promotions

Food Manufacturers, Distribution Centres & Storage Facilities

Our premium, cost-effective implementation packages are customized based on the size & the type of production line. They have been designed to reflect CFIA, FDA & GFSI standards for advanced food safety programs.

*Monthly Video Lesson*

Scale-up, New Recipes, Training & Troubleshooting for Bakeries & Snacks

Our product development team has extensive experience & drive to improve quality for healthier options. We focus on innovative, simple, cost-effective solutions for new recipes, formula customization & process improvement. 

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Take advantage of our comprehensive Product Development package.

Our latest techniques for troubleshooting & waste management areguaranteed to increase your profits! 

Gluten-free Products 

Sugar & Salt Reduction

Practical Solutions for Optimal Results!

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