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About us


Food Industry Consulting (FIC), is a well-rounded company that has been involved in more than just food safety and defense implementation. The company is involved in a variety of areas including; recipe development, ingredient technology, online support, consulting and troubleshooting.

Sonia Akbarzadeh, founder of FIC, achieved her master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 1997 and moved on to work at Furlani Food’s Inc., where her job role was diverse from quality, food safety and product development. She gained a substantial amount of experience from implementing HACCP programs, training employees and managers, and developing oil-based spreads.  

Her journey then took her to the Pepperidge Farm headquarters in Norwalk Connecticut in 2004 where she was the Product Technology Manager. Her main responsibility was to manage the liaison between plants, purchasing departments and their suppliers. She audited many suppliers of various food categories and implemented the Campbell Soup supplier approval program. She returned to Canada and began working with Yum! Restaurants in 2006. At Yum!, she worked with suppliers, auditors, and approximately 1500 restaurants to ensure they received safe and quality ingredients. Using her experience in product development, she worked with R&D and numerous suppliers to launch new products and re-formulated existing products to lower trans fats. 

After years of working in, and studying the food industry, Sonia was inspired to create her own company. She created her courses to ensure food safety and defense education is accessible.  Accessibility further motivated her to create an ONLINE live-virtual and an ON DEMAND platform in 2016. It is designed to be packed full with information that has been influenced by unique personal experiences, while keeping up to date with new protocols in compliance with GFSI schemes (including SQF and BRC) and FDA regulations. 

As a result, the courses are executed in a way to develop and implement these protocols outside of the classroom. As food industry educators, it is our mission to make this information readily available. Additionally, it is to make our students feel satisfied and accomplished by receiving detailed information. They will develop the ability to have a deeper understanding of the food industry as a whole.  

These are well-rounded courses where students will experience personable and professional execution of the material, as well as learning from other like-minded food industry professionals taking the course. It is highly engaging, participatory and community-based learning.   

We invite you to join us in keeping food safe.  

Our goal is to encourage a stronger food safety culture to prevent outbreaks & deaths.

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